Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Modes of Inquiry

What of what?

Maybe you've heard your admissions counselor mention it a couple times, but didn't think too much of it.  Or, maybe you're already highlighting interesting classes in the course catalogue.  Either way, you can't graduate without completing the Modes of Inquiry.

More and more colleges are all about claiming they specialize in preparing students for a career, not just a job.  But it's no secret that in this economy employers are looking for well-rounded grads with a range of specialities. This means there's high demand for employees who can not only do the job, but also can write, analyze, and maintain a global perspective.

That's why you need to take it a step further with the one-two punch of career preparation and a strong liberal arts foundation.

"Liberal arts" is simply a fancy term that means you get to study a whole bunch of general subjects while majoring in just one (or sometimes two!). Basically, attending a liberal arts college makes you a smarty-pants.  And really good at trivia!  

So, what's the Modes of Inquiry?

Simmons goes above and beyond preparing you for your chosen career by requiring you to complete at least ONE course in the following six subjects:

- Language, literature, and culture
- Quantitative analysis and reasoning
- Scientific inquiry
- Social and historical perspectives
- Psychology and ethical development

It's fun to take classes outside your own major - you get to meet new people, have a chance to take classes with different professors (some who are nationally recognized for their fieldwork), and you will be qualified for a job you really want... one that is looking for a candidate who can also manage a budget, and also write monthly status reports, and also say hello and thank you in another language.

Since the Modes of Inquiry credits are built right into your major, you'll immediately have a leg up in the "real world" as soon as you graduate.  It's also favorable if you're still deciding on a major!

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