Thursday, January 28, 2010

Location, location, location

Did you know Simmons scores a whopping A+ on "Local Atmosphere?" It's true!  Simmons is located right in the heart of Boston, which as the ranking states, opens up a sea of opportunity for students.

Check out what students on College Prowler have to say:
"It’s Boston, the atmosphere rocks. Everyone goes everywhere, and everyone is friendly to one another. Since it’s one of the largest college towns, there are other college students everywhere [ed. note: especially guys! ;)]. No matter where you are, you see them, and it’s comforting to know that in such a big city, there are others in your position."
"Boston is by far the best college city ever. Within ten minutes, I can walk to seven other colleges. Simmons is two blocks from Fenway Park and tons of restaurants."
"Luckily, Simmons is located in the best city on earth—Boston... The other important population for Simmons students is the many young professionals who are often overseeing us in our internships and networking with us after college."
"Boston is the greatest college city ever! The Colleges of the Fenway line our road, with nearby Northeastern and BU. There are so many art museums, stores, cinemas, Fenway Park—everything imaginable!"

All of these things are what make Simmons so appealing to so many students.

It's not a school in the middle of the woods.  Instead, it's a school in the middle of a vibrant city.  Oh, did I mention the added benefit of a charming residence campus (gated!) AND a gorgeous park across the street... you know, just in case you need some peace & quiet every now and then.

You have to see it to believe it!

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  1. Cool seeing Simmons from the sky. This map doesn't even explain how close Simmons is to Fenway Park and Cambridge!