Thursday, January 21, 2010

Give us a holler

Click here to watch an interesting video about whether or not the amount of contact you have with an admissions office affects their decision to admit you.

As mentioned in the video, every school looks at this differently. So, I spoke directly with the counselors here to find out what they think.

Their response was unanimous: We want to hear from you!  Often!

The counselors love one-on-one time with every single student who applies.  It's not always about grades, or test scores, but more importantly it's about you, as an individual.  The more counselors know about you, the whole you, the better - it's the best way to determine if you're a good fit.

Communication is key.

It's strongly suggested by each counselor that you have as many contacts with the college as is necessary.  Email, phone call, visit (definitely visit!), IM, Facebook, etc.  Its a personalized process, and counselors will even contact YOU (usually by email, but definitely indicate your preference) about every two weeks just to make sure you're on track with everything you need.
Of course, as with everything, moderation also is key.  One guy mentioned in the video that a student obsessively contacted the school and it got a little crazy.  Don't make your counselor have to join the witness protection program!

If you submitted your application, but haven't talked to admissions yet, give them a ring!  See what's up with your app, or tell them something interesting you forgot to mention in your essay. The counselors will remember who you are from the first time you say "Hello," through the time you graduate.  That's what's so great about applying to a small college.  It's like "Cheers"... where everybody knows your name!

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