Monday, January 4, 2010

Loud and proud!

The author of a recent post to The New York Times's  "The Choice" blog suggests everyone should stop broadcasting their acceptance to a college over a Facebook status.  She says:

"By announcing what college you got into, you are obnoxiously broadcasting personal information that probably only 20 of your Facebook friends actually care about. And then there’s that girl in your physics class who was just rejected from the same college; she had finally stopped crying, but the tears started right back up when she saw your status. It’s going to take another whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s to dry the second round of tears."

We all know that updating your Facebook status is increasingly becoming a popular way, if not the way, we communicate with our friends.  And of course we all have to deal with some annoying status updaters including the Town Crier, the Self-Promoter, and the Sympathy-Baiter, to name a few.  Facebook is about spreading the news, for better or for worse.  I agree that maybe only 15 of my friends care about what I have to say. Similarly, I really couldn't care less that someone made a grilled cheese sandwich and is lounging on the couch.

But getting into college?!  That's a big deal!  You should be proud of your accomplishment - especially since applying to college is months of hard work. So in this case, I say Facebook bragging rights are a given. What better way to shout at the top of your lungs "I'm going to college!  And it's my first choice!" than with a status update?  Plus, I'm willing to bet Aunt June will care.

Some of you are starting to get your envelopes and I, too, have seen updates from students who are being accepted, rejected, or wait-listed from their top choices.  It's a stressful time, so when the relief comes from knowing, I suggest you go right ahead and sing your praises!

"... is attending Simmons College Class of 2014.  Go Sharks!"

Heck, I'd even post the news to everyone's wall.

By the way, if you're considering Simmons in the fall then definitely check out the Class of 2014 Facebook group to ask questions and meet your future classmates!

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